Welcome to Dilley Rae Distillery!

Proud, we are, proud to distill, age, bottle and sell our unique whiskey and bourbon.

A main differences in our whiskey and bourbon is the method and time used for aging.

Cannot be more excited about our brands, Dilley Rae Prima Whiskey and Dilley Rae Pacific Bourbon.

It is great to be young as is our spirited whiskey and it is also great to have the benefit of age as does our wiser bourbon.

Fact is, we recommend that you try them both!!!

I know, we here at Dilley Rae, love them equally

Contact us for a tasting – you will become a fan – whiskey and bourbon – Pacific NW style

Pacific NW Bourbon and Whiskey

Distilled and aged locally at Dilley Rae

Sweet and Spicy – Depth of character

Unique and Robust Flavor

Dilley Rae Prima Whiskey and Dilley Rae Pacific Bourbon


At Dilley Rae, we believe good Pacific Bourbon and Whiskey starts the moment it leaves the still.

We age our products in single batch new oak barrels and do not bottle any barrel until it meets our standards for smoothness and breadth of character.

We use quality ingredients and traditional methods. We believe that by creating a product we love, you will love it too


2023 First Taste Oregon Jan 27 – 28

We are very pleased to be participating this year at the First Taste Oregon in Salem this year. There will be many local wines and distilled products along with great food and craft vendors. We look forward to seeing you there. Tickets can be purchased for First Taste Oregon at this link


We are happy to provide tastings by appointment. Please email us at dilleyrae@pacificbourbon.com

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